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Apply to Host a Stall or Activation

Dojos, individuals, groups or companies are invited to host their own activity stall or activation; to show off what they have been doing at their Dojo and / or to engage young people in computer programming, robotics, electronics and more. We are also hoping a group or individual will step forward to run a badge-making stall, and a CoderDojo games arcade.

Apply now by completing the following form:

Please apply by 11.30pm Friday 11th August to be considered. We will be prioritising stalls on a first-come-first serve basis so we recommend applying sooner rather than later.

We will get back in touch with you as soon as possible after the 11th.


Stall ideas

Dojos are invited to run a stall or activation during the day, to provide other Ninjas with an interactive experience relating to coding, computers and technology. Planning a stall is something that your Dojo could do together, or you could even collaborate with some other Dojos in your local area to present a stall. If you need electricity we will be able to provide that. Here are some ideas for stalls and activations:

Badge-making stall: Ninjas get to make their own badges of their favourite characters or programming languages.

Computer Science Unplugged: Present a Computer Science Unplugged activity zone where Ninjas can try out activities from

Motion Tracker Game stall: Use some sort of game that uses a motion tracker like a Kinect.

Artificial Intelligence Interaction stall: Use a mic and speaker to interact with Google AI platform. Project link.

Lego Zone: a fun zone where young people of all ages can create with Lego.

Robot Battle Zone: Set-up a robot battle zone where Ninjas can bring their robot to battle it out.

These are just a few examples. You can come up with your own idea! Please be sure to let us know what you’re thinking as we may match you with another Dojo or organisation to co-present a stall.


Confirmed Stalls and Activations so far….

Fire Tech Camp

Fire Tech Camp

CD Soft / Practical PD

cd soft

More to come….