DojoCon Australia is a FREE community event that will be held between 10am and 2pm on Monday 25th September 2017 (a public holiday in WA) at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia.

The DojoCon will be a celebration of the CoderDojo movement in Australia. DojoCon Australia is open to anyone involved in CoderDojo: either locally, interstate or internationally. Ninjas, Mentors, Champions, families and supporters; everyone is welcome.

To get an idea of what a DojoCon is like, watch the video of DojoCon Japan. Then imagine that in an Australian environment (the beautiful Murdoch University campus).

Dojos are invited to host their own activity stall or activation; to show off what they have been doing at their Dojo and to engage other young people in computer programming, robotics, electronics and more.

Members of the CoderDojo community are also invited to give talks and workshops; to share their projects and share knowledge about running a Dojo, on mentoring, coding, technology and other related topics.

The theme of DojoCon Australia 2017 is ‘DIY’ (Do It Yourself); a celebration of makers, doers, hackers, tinkerers and creators.

Presentation themes

CoderDojo community members are invited to apply to give a talk or workshop. There will be talks and workshops scheduled throughout the day in the following themes:

Ninja Project Showcase: Ninjas get to show off their projects.

Dojo Craft: Champions, Mentors and Ninjas present on topics relating to running a Dojo. For example: “How I became a Champion,” “My top ten tips on Mentoring,” “How to engage Ninjas with code,” “How to attract sponsors,” “How to attract and retain Mentors,” “supporting Ninjas with autism,” “What CoderDojo means to me,” “the role of parents in a Dojo,” etc.

WITWA’s Women and Girls in IT: Engaging girls with coding and IT.

The Art of Coding: Technical workshops and talks on your favourite programming languages, technologies and platforms.

Big Picture: Thought-provoking talks and workshops on themes like: how future technologies will shape our lives, technology and ethics, coding for social good, future careers for coders, digital disruption, open source philosophy and more.

Stall ideas

Dojos are invited to run a stall or activation during the day, to provide other Ninjas with an interactive experience relating to coding, computers and technology. Planning a stall is something that your Dojo could do together, or you could even collaborate with some other Dojos in your local area to present a stall. If you need electricity we will be able to provide that. Here are some ideas for stalls and activations:

Badge-making stall: Ninjas get to make their own badges of their favourite characters or programming languages.

Computer Science Unplugged: Present a Computer Science Unplugged activity zone where Ninjas can try out activities from http://csunplugged.org/activities/

Motion Tracker Game stall: Use some sort of game that uses a motion tracker like a Kinect.

Artificial Intelligence Interaction stall: Use a mic and speaker to interact with Google AI platform. Project link.

Lego Zone: a fun zone where young people of all ages can create with Lego.

Robot Battle Zone: Set-up a robot battle zone where Ninjas can bring their robot to battle it out.

These are just a few examples. You can come up with your own idea! Please be sure to let us know what you’re thinking as we may match you with another Dojo or organisation to co-present a stall.